Through my work, I attempt to activate the unseen. Engaging with the phenomenology and psychology of space, I create minimal objects that reveal the instability of human perception. Experience is formed through our attention to things. My objects and actions work to animate the material world, drawing viewers into an encounter. Through my practice, I ask: What is our understanding of connectivity today? And how do objects “speak” in ways images cannot? I construct three-dimensional “drawings” that emerge and recede in relation to their environment through the techniques of camouflage, illusion, and manipulations of scale. Seeking to make present the in-between or “negative” space of sculpture, I activate liminal spaces, collaborating with various phenomena such as gravity, light and wind. Occupying a space far beyond their own physicality, my work seeks to address aspects of encounters that are difficult to represent, or capture through language or image: vibrations, forces, energies.

Megan Pahmier lives and works in New York. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Maryland Institute College of Art and completed her Master of Fine Arts at Hunter College. Her work has been shown at institutions such as the Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Smithsonian American Art Museum, and School 33 Art Center. Most recently her work was included in the New York exhibitions Dust Stutter at Essex Flowers Gallery and Formal Complaint at The Knockdown Center. Upcoming exhibitions include, A Collection of Slow Events at The Luminary in St. Louis, MO and a solo show at AIR gallery (February 2018), as part of their year long fellowship program.